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The aim of the Judicial Diversity Initiative (JDI) is to promote the equal participation of women and men from a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and identities in the judiciary in England and Wales by 2020.

The JDI serves as a forum for bringing together academics, practitioners, judges and policy-makers to work towards gender parity on the bench. Read about the JDI’s aims and background.

Latest News

  • Temple Women’s Forum (North): Justices in Conversation

    The Northern Branch of the Temple Women’s Forum will hold an event with senior women judges in England and Wales on November 2 at the University of Leeds. Lady Justices Gloster, Hallett and Sharp will be joined in conversation by Mrs Justice Justice McGowan and Mrs Justice Simler. The conversation will be chaired by Professor Iyiola Solanke and Taryn Lee QC. Find out more here.

  • Progress and Challenges: Workshop and Reception

    On 15 November the Judicial Diversity Initiative will host a research workshop and evening reception to launch this site and discuss the latest progress and remaining challenges towards attaining a diverse judiciary. Information about the event can be read here.

  • A Fresh Look at JAC

    Professors Graham Gee and Erika Rackley argue for a fresh look at the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) in a post published on the UK Constitutional Law Association Blog. They proffer ‘four priorities’ for the Commission, including a challenge to ‘do more to ensure that the judiciary is not merely paying lip service to diversity but actually pursues policies that will lead to faster change.’ The full post can be read here.


Our research repository lists publications from this jurisdiction and beyond. Our judicial lectures page highlights recent judicial speeches on the subject of judicial diversity. We also have a list of downloadable resources on the Reports and Statistics page. This information is meant to inform the debate around the issue of judicial diversity and aid further research.


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