Elena Kagan appointed to US Supreme Court

The Equal Justices Initiative (EJI) welcomes the appointment of Elena Kagan to the USSC. Kagan is the fourth woman to be appointed to the court and brings the total of women on the US Supreme Court bench, for the first time, to three. This is in stark contrast to the position of the UK Supreme Court where Baroness Hale continues to sit alone some six years after her appointment to the (then) House of Lords.

The EJI hope that those looking to fill the current vacancy on the UK Supreme Court arising from the retirement of Lord Saville will recognise the importance of ensuring that the next appointment contributes towards the creation of the diverse Supreme Court bench that democracy, equality and equity requires. Read about Elena Kagan’s appointment on bbc.co.uk

RT @k21fem: UKSC today: 13 barristers for the parties in the 2 cases. All men. supremecourt.uk/brexit/written…