Book Launch and Seminar: International Courts and the African Woman Judge: Unveiled Narratives -7 September 2018

An event to launch International Courts and the African Woman Judge: Unveiled Narratives will be held at Queen Mary, University of London on 7 September 2018 from 2 pm – 4 pm. The event is being hosted by The Centre for Research on Law, Equality and Diversity (LEAD) at Queen Mary. Further information and registration is available here … Read more

Dame Mary Arden becomes the third woman to be appointed to the UKSC

Former High Court Judge, former Chair of the Law Commission and current Lady Justice of Appeal, Dame Mary Arden, becomes the third woman to be appointed to the final appellate jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. A graduate of Cambridge and Harvard, Dame Mary is a jurist of stellar credentials and has extra-judicially written about different areas of … Read more

*New Publication* ‘Judicial leadership on the UK Supreme Court’

Professors Rosemary Hunter and Erika Rackley have published an empirically informed article titled ‘Judicial leadership on the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom’ in Legal Studies. A summary of the interesting findings of this research project can also be read on a post on the UK Constitutional Law Blog. Both Professors Hunter and Rackley are members of the executive committee … Read more

Temple Women’s Forum (North): Justices in Conversation

The Northern Branch of the Temple Women’s Forum will hold an event with senior women judges in England and Wales on November 2 at the University of Leeds. Lady Justices Gloster, Hallett and Sharp will be joined in conversation by Mrs Justice Justice McGowan and Mrs Justice Simler. The conversation will be chaired by Professor Iyiola Solanke … Read more

Progress and Challenges: Workshop and Reception

On 15 November the Judicial Diversity Initiative will host a research workshop and evening reception to launch this site and discuss the latest progress and remaining challenges towards attaining a diverse judiciary. Information about the event can be read here.

A Fresh Look at JAC

Professors Graham Gee and Erika Rackley argue for a fresh look at the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) in a post published on the UK Constitutional Law Association Blog. They proffer ‘four priorities’ for the Commission, including a challenge to ‘do more to ensure that the judiciary is not merely paying lip service to diversity but actually pursues … Read more

Our Statement on Recent Senior Judicial Appointments

The JDI warmly welcomes the appointments of Lady Hale as President of the Supreme Court, Lady Justice Black to the Supreme Court, and Mrs Justice Asplin and Mr Justice Singh to the Court of Appeal. We are disappointed, however, to see only one woman out the seven new appointments to the Court of Appeal. Is … Read more

New Zealand Supreme Court Makes History

An interesting, symbolic, development in New Zealand where the Supreme Court sat a majority of women in an en banc sitting. Current female Justices of the Supreme Court of New Zealand are Chief Justice Sian Elias, Justice Susan Glazebrook, Justice Ellen France. The bench is completed by Justice William Young and Justice Mark O’Regan. Read more here …