Elena Kagan nominated to US Supreme Court

The Equal Justices Initiative (EJI) welcomes the news that President Obama has nominated Elena Kagan to the USSC. If appointed, she will become the third woman out of nine justices on the court. In light of the recent controversy surrounding the application of Jonathan Sumption QC for appointment to the UK Supreme Court, we note … Read more

Appointment of Supreme Court Justice

Sir John Dyson has been appointed as the twelfth member of the Supreme Court. While Sir John is a first-rate judge and is undoubtedly well-qualified to join the Supreme Court, it is deeply disappointing to see that the opportunity has been missed to appoint a second woman to the Court. Mary Arden was, apparently, short-listed … Read more

RT @k21fem: UKSC today: 13 barristers for the parties in the 2 cases. All men. supremecourt.uk/brexit/written…